Deborah E. Velez C.Deborah E. Velez C.

Deborah E. Velez C.

Event organizer, OFFICIAL PEÑA MEMBER 2018-2019


New York, NY

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Sep 5, 2011


Hello. I'm Deborah, originally from Puerto Rico

Do you live in the New York City Metro/Tri-State area?

Yes, I live in Astoria, NY

When/how did you become a Real Madrid Fan? (Just so we know more about each other)

I've always had a soft spot for Real Madrid since I started watching football with the '98 WC. I saw a couple of games, and I loved the way RM played. But, after 2001 I knew I was a hardcore madridista. So, I would say this season will be my 10yr anniversary as a Hard Core Madridista.

We pride ourselves in representing many nations, what is your country of origin?

Puerto Rican (as far back as I can trace)...I know my last names come from Spain and France, but all my family is from Puerto Rico.