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Break Through to Enlightened Awareness! Release Negative Patterns, Overcome past

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Break Through to Enlightened Awareness

Don't miss this rare and valuable opportunity to do powerful, healing, transformational, one-on-one bodywork, energy work, and LEARN this powerful system of healing with Spiritual Teacher and Shamanic Healer, James Hyman, founder of the Deep Emotional Release Bodywork.

Private Session Available Now Los Angeles

Deep Emotional Release Practitioner Training –

Sept. 29th-Oct. 1, 2017

Learn the techniques, philosophy, and methodology behind this powerful system of Emotional Healing.

In this 3-Day Practitioner Training where you will learn how to apply the techniques and the knowledge and philosophy behind this powerful system. You will learn which chakras become blocked as a result of specific kinds of emotional trauma, and how to release blockages and balance the chakras.

You will learn how to access your own subconscious mind; help others access theirs; and how to ask the questions that stimulate the subconscious memory, identify what they need to release, and release the pattern from their body and subconscious mind.

During this Workshop, You will experience:

● Deep connection with Self and Source and others during this process, and afterwards, as well as a clearly defined set of energetic boundaries that give you confidence and personal empowerment.
. ● Unconditional Self-Confidence and Self-Empowerment

● The satisfaction of learning a new system of energy work and healing; ●Release of long held negative and limiting emotional patterns and blocked energy.

● Become proficient as you practice in class, and continue to release our own insecurities, especially those associated with learning a new skill.


James Hyman is a one of a kind healer. His work is nothing short of incredible, with the ability to release lifetimes of of blocked energy and get the person in touch with the real self within in just a single session. I have worked with and continue to work with James and have seen him positively affect the lives of many people. If you are ready for real transformation, clarity and soul connection, I cannot recommend this work more.” – Saul David Raye

The healing speaks for itself… my vibration has risen to a new level….”

Thanks for the session James! I’ve been smiling widely ever since.

Since the session with James, Charlie hasn’t needed any of his allergy meds “

Wanted to say thank you for our session a few weeks ago… I’ve felt really great since and FINALLY actually let go my ex.” –

I appreciated how James, through his humor and wisdom, fostered a sacred space which supported individual and collective healing.”

The workshop helped me really connect with my heart energy.”

Jim is a phenomenal facilitator, creating a safe and sacred space which supports the healing, opening, and enlightening of all participants!”

One result is that I was able to deeply experience the connection between all of life, especially with one another as spiritual beings.”

The emotional release is the stepping stone to a healthier, more free and uplifting life….the workshop was perfect for me… I was able acknowledge and release suppressed emotions and reclaim my power.”

OH my GOSH!!!! I just got done with James, I feel like a new me!”

James Hyman is the real deal..a true healer and his work is profound, i have witnessed both personally and in group settings amazing through this work. During this time it is urgent to get in touch with and heal our emotional energy, personally and collectively. This work is safe, effective and transformational.”

“Jim is a great healer and teacher!”

“I am writing you to let you know that the one session with Jim dis-solved my abandonment anxiety, attachment anxiety, and co-dependency. A miracle? Sure, of course. Thank you again for helping me to be free of that stuff.”
“Just to let you know that I had a wonderful session; I didn’t expect it to be so simple yet so powerful.”

“I was skeptical myself, but boy…. I am a believer! My session with James was amazing. I felt so balanced. My mind was pure. I quit my job (which was toxic and full of bullying) immediately after hanging up the phone with James. From there I was available to meet with a dear friend who offered me a job opportunity. I wrote two songs, painted two pieces, and it really created a foundation for me I don’t think I had before. So, thank you to you both. If you can, please share with him my gratitude.”

It was my wish to be able to offer all of you something special and life-changing, and lo and behold: James Hyman comes to town! I cannot recommend him enough – I had a session with him that brought many breakthroughs on a personal and emotional level. Book an individual session with him, if you can: it’s a great opportunity that will have such an enduring, beautiful effect in your life!”

Limited Spots Remain Open! For more information:
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