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"One World Healing Community" presents........

Let's Create A Holistic Culture Community.... and Have Fun at the Same Time!


Payment required to register. If you wish to pay with another method (other than paypal) please contact chriss at 510-830-5836

Donation Registration $20

(slide to $15 for "tough knocks")

(abundance donation $30)

After Payment, please call for location.

From 6:00 to 7:00,

This event will be proceeded by a Reiki and Massage Clinic for people who would like to receive either Reiki energy healing (to relieve stress, feel better emotionally or physically or work on some life issue) or chair massage. This will be 600 PM to 7:00 PM and requires preregistration (limited spots available. 1$ per minute donation. Please call 510-830-5836).

At 7 we will begin the evening program joining with one another in community. We will learn, share, play, move, sound releasing a little of what is blocking us from our essence and the life we were meant to live.
We will assist in making a little more sense of things and learn how it can be a little easier.

Pre-Registration Required. Donation $5-$50 sliding scale helps the viability of our community. Donate what you can in love. If you have a little more balance someone who has a little less. paypal to

This is a project of One World Healing community and the result of lifelong developments of remedies to the programmed (brainwashed/conditioning) we receive in a gaia-cidal culture (lending to decay and destruction, devolution of humans and to one's physical, emotional, mental and soul health). We have found that remedies do not happen piecemeal, but only in an encompassing supportive structure of all of who we are as humans. We cannot be whole only addressing the health of our bodies. Neither can we become whole merely freeing our minds. The same can be said of our spirit, for we exist in physical form as well. Nor can we merely be concerned with the self, for as a quantum universe, everything we do has an effect on everyone and everything else.

What is supportive of a healthy body, mind, heart, spirit, relationship, family, community and society. Here you will find support for and learn what is life-giving in every aspect of our lives, culture and society. Not just nutritionally for example, but emotionally, spiritually, in our relationships, at work, in our physical activity, in our thoughts, in how we relate to one another, etc

No dogmas, just learning what supports our bodies, our life and our world.

We will plan to have teach-ins, classes, workshops and a live in community learning and being. The residential 6 month (or 12 month optional) internship will begin in a few months. Those interested please inquire. There are very few spaces left (4) . There will be rent and a monthly tuition (the lowest tuition will be the first term upcoming for the prototype). The teaching and living group experience will be 30-40 hours a week.

More information for private reiki sessions, reiki classes, apprenticeship, shamanic work, counseling and coaching, etc call chriss or see

Chriss is a master energy healer, reiki master teacher, shamanic practitioner, chi cultivator, counselor and coach, teacher and guide, , culture healer, child and mystic.

Live-in Internship:
In this environment we will detox an decondition from this toxic culture and in a holistic framework organically change our lives through shared practices, teachings, relating, growing, supporting and living as family. How we relate to ourselves and to one another in the world is chief among what must change, but too, our thoughts, emotions, and even our energetic vibration. It is only possible to heal and change fundamentally in these living group arrangements for one, as humans can only live holistic lives in a social structure or group and secondly, to hold the field, thought, vibration, actions different from the normative stream takes a morhogenic field conducive to do so (ie a group that can support that different thought or behavior from the norm in one's culture).

Included in these teachings are the truths hidden from information controlled societies, such as truth in nutrition and historical truth (present day and past).
We will learn and practice countless skills (social, emotional, practical, holistic)
from vast knowledge. More importantly, we will come to know one's own soul, spirit and purpose.

In the internship , we will be learning how to live holistically supporting body, mind, spirit and relationship by doing so with others in a living environment. Connecting deeply with the self through guided activities. Connecting deeply with other living group members. We make changes emotionally, physically, behaviorally, spiritually. Learn to love yourself and others in healthy ways as opposed to culturally trained unhealthy “love”. Being healthy in relationship. Becoming aware of unhealthy programming and having a system for changing in real life in real time with real people.

There is no religion or rigid dogma to adopt.

Comments from last event:

chriss ( thanks much kate for your contributions/opening your heart :)

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Katerina ( I had a great time at the gathering! A truly sacred space was created for everyone to relax, share and learn from each other, regardless of background. It was fun exploring energy healing and qi gong techniques for vitality and living as your true self and using all your energy to your advantage in life. Overall a very liberating and wholesome experience for everyone! Thank you for putting this together Chriss and I look forward to bringing friends next month!

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brian Honeycutt ( Had a very worthwhile experience last night. I think every part of the event was enjoyable and meaningful to me in some way. I always like the parts where we get to share what is really happening inside ourselves. For me, it feels like a safe place to open up and connect to something deeper than I find in my daily life in general.

I also really liked that we mixed in some movement and experiential stuff using energy transfer/healing there. Would love to do some more group Qi Gong, and maybe some reiki or some kind of energy work.

thanks Chriss for your hard work, and everyone else for you wonderful presence!

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chriss ( We had a wonderful event last night of bonding, removing emotional and mental blocks, learning to open the heart, unblocking chi to heal the body, play and fun, beginning to be able to see our conditioning and begin able to change it, undoing the effects of growing up in our families and our society and of our wounding experiences, deeply connecting to ourselves-allowing us to deeply connect to others, learning about the brain, the heart and the connected universe, grounding, learning and growing, and beginning to learn the supportive holistic framework. Folks had fun and were deeply affected. (One World Healing Community, Berkeley, Ca)


Comments from participants and to join- both online doorways:

will have next one last tuesday in may!

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chriss ( hi amanda, i'm very harpy to hear of your experience. thanks fo sharing it with us and for your contribution to our community.

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chriss ( wonderful night, wonderful experiences, seeds sewn, growth happening, journeys continuing.

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chriss ( thanks for your heartshare melanie and for your presence and contribution to the community.

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Amanda Moriarty ( I had such a wonderful time last night! It was great sharing this experience with all of you. I left feeling very inspired to learn more about the practice of reiki and expanding my ability to think with my heart and to not let my conditioned brain get in the way in making real, honest connections with others and the universe. Thank you all for this experience.

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Alejandra Pardo ( Grateful for last night's experience of sharing with good friends and new beautiful people. Thank you to each one of you for showing up and being you. I little bit of each of you stayed with me ♥

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Noah Lange ( Thank you Chriss for hosting such a wonderful evening of games, talk, qi gong and reiki! I felt so inspired by the things you said about learning to see the world and each other through the heart, and had an amazing experience with the reiki connection exercise and the sharing games we did. I'm really glad I went and I'll be back next month!

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chriss ( thanks for your share noah. you were appreciated as well by the others in the group. we are glad to have you and appreciate your desire to open to what is within you and what is without and to learning and sharing.

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chriss ( our event is posted on several web pages. so there are more attending than appear on any one site.

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Alejandra Pardo ( So excited!