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What we’re about

This Meetup group on Oahu has several goals:
To give reiki healing and training
To introduce people in all sorts of energy healing similar as Reiki.
To help people discover their abilities as potential healer; this can be as reiki healer, as sound healer (using voice and instruments) and also abilities that are related with shamanic healing. To inform people about the changes on earth and in their lives. To see or we can help them finding their path and destiny.
Another aspect of this group is: to give participants guidance in the activation of some special abilities that are within them. Those abilities can be used for healing and are tools for light-workers, by seers and prophets: This includes the use of your third eye, the use of clairvoyant abilities, of psychic abilities, and the gifts that come with the activation of high sensitive perceptions. Abilities and skills to be able to feel and perceive energies and presents that live in the invisible worlds. You can get help in recognizing your gifts and find out how utilize them.
Some of the meet-ups will give the possibly to have a group circle as energy healer: as visitor of this Meet-up you can receive and give healing in such sessions.
Meet-ups will be organized to give participants the possibility to learn to see their past life and sources of pain and trauma. People can get introduced in light hypno/trance-therapy skills that can help to remember your spirit qualities and [lost] memories. You also can ask for a bit more private [meetup] session if wished for. Just make an appointment. Sessions are free and donations are very welcome.

Next: These meetings gives possibilities to receive attunements, initiations with the aim to become a master in the use of Reiki: ou can receive attunements of many levels of Reiki+. See here for also the facebook group: and check out some of the files there: butterfly reiki symbols.
We also give sessions when people need trauma healing, want advise and guidance and need insights in their situation and seek protection of invisible powers.
Maybe you have all sorts of questions and/or you need help, or like to get personal advise and guidance: please ask and contact this group and we will see or we can help!
Please text us that way we can quickly respond. For woman issues, and needs: you can always [also] ask consolation & help from Erica
Greetings and Aloha from the Organizer: Paul Fixuw and Assistant organizer: Erica Rose