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What we’re about

Welcome to Online Reiki events by Tapping Into Reiki. I'm Shonn.

My online Reiki business is here to help you by sharing more light.

Join me and an international community for Reiki online. Group Reiki is here to support you by promoting relaxation and stress reduction. Reiki Sessions are online and COVID safe.

Sign up and receive Reiki energy for your wellness goals. Group rates for Reiki begin at just $9 per session for the group rate.

For more about group rates and to RSVP, visit my website -

Individual, private online Reiki sessions are also available.

Zoom information is sent via Meetup mail to those who RSVP for an event.

I'm sure you already know, Reiki is not intended to be a substitute for care by a licensed medical provider. If you're in distress and need immediate assistance, call 911 (USA) or the emergency services number for your region.

We'll speak soon!