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New Moon Global Peace Meditation ~ Istanbul event

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New Moon Global Peace Meditation ~ Istanbul event

The 2013 monthly Istanbul Peace Meditations will take place on Friday nights around the new moon each month from 7pm-9pm at Hariom Yoga in Istanbul.

Join us on January 11, for the first new moon of 2013!

We will be connected with the larger Global Peace Meditation group throughout 2013. You can join the global group here and share this event widely with your friends all over the world so we can create an even larger unified peace network.

The new moon is a very powerful time to plant seeds of intention of what we want to create in our lives and in the world around us.

The intention of the New Moon Global Peace Meditation is for us to gather together in community, to help create and maintain a high vibration of a peace, love and light around the world. This is part of our sacred act of planetary service that we can participate in at this time.

We are much more powerful than we realize, especially as we come together and unite as ONE.

It is up to each one of us to answer the call, step up, come together and help to create the world of our dreams, right here and right now. The change starts right NOW with each one of us!

Please connect energetically with the global group during the meditation during each new moon. That way, we will be united as ONE heart. As we connect with others around the globe during the monthly New Moon Global Peace Meditations, we are indeed helping to strengthen the planetary crystalline grid of peace, love, joy, compassion, light and unity that is currently in place. It is our calling now to continue to strengthen the planetary grid and as we do that each month, we help to create the world of our dreams in each now moment.

2013 is the year where we will start moving into unity consciousness and this is a wonderful way for us all to begin to participate in creating sacred community together. This is the next step in our evolution and it takes each one of us to be a part of creating this new vision on earth.

The monthly New Moon Global Peace Meditation is a gift to Mother Earth and to all life on the planet.



*Please arrive before 7pm so that we may start on time.

starts at 7:15pm. The meditation will not be led by anyone. Please follow your heart and your own inner guidance as to how best participate in the meditation. Even if you have no prior meditation experience, you can still imagine peace and love in the world, feel this energy in your heart and radiate it out in the world around you. It is with our focused intention that we create real change in the world around us. Know that we are powerful beyond measure! Know that we each bring our own unique energy to the meditation and that what we do will be absolutely perfect! We are moving into a time where we will all begin to trust ourselves and be guided by our hearts.

begins at 8:15pm, right after the silent meditation. The vibration of the OM that we create will help to raise the vibration of the entire planet!

Listen to an example of an OM SOUND BATH here (

Please bring an item for the peace altar that we will create together at the beginning of our gathering each month.

This event is FREE, but we ask for a donation for the yoga studio and are grateful that we can use their space. Thank you!

Please share this event with all your friends!
See you all on January 11!

Marla ♥


Rüştiye sok. Rüştiye çıkmazı Şafak Apt. No: 8-10 D: 2 (Tarifi okuyunuz lütfen), Kızıltoprak/Kadıköy, Istanbul

*MAP* (

Directions from Bostanci (towards Kadikoy)
Going down Bagdat Cd, you'll pass BP gas station (on your left). You'll get off at the next light (you'll see the Opet gas station on your right). You'll be on Bagdat Cd, and at this point it's a two-way street. Cross the street and walk straight towards the water.

Directions from Kadikoy (towards Bostanci)
Going down Bagdat Cd, you'll pass Fenerbahce Stadium. Get off at the next light (you'll see the Opet gas station across the street), where Bagdat Cd is two ways and walk towards the water.

Walk a few blocks and turn right on Rustiye. Walk straight and you'll see a black gate, which is usually rolled open. After you pass the gate, you'll see the sign "Safak Ap.No.42" on the building and if you look up you'll see the "HariOm" sign. Turn right. The building is the third door on the left and it's open (#10). Walk upstairs to the second floor.