Matters of Mindset

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Online exploratory Meet Up to get curious about how we might best support Mindset shifts in the pursuit of inclusive and engaging workplaces.

Many of the discussions and writings on the subject of the 'Future of Work' centre around tools, frameworks and processes. Most of them are brilliantly useful and effective if people are behind them, but very few of them touch on the mindset required to best bring them to life. A 12th century English proverb you may or may not have heard sums this up "You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink"!

So how might we bring this topic of Mindset alive? Come and join the conversation if you are interested in exploring. If you cannot make the call and have something to share please feel free to direct message me on Slack or email me on [masked].

Please register to join the zoom call on the 24th October at 8.30am (London time) here