What's Blocking Me From Finding (And Keeping) Love? - Family Constellations

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Watertown Center for Healing Arts

22 Mt. Auburn Street, 2nd Floor · Watertown, MA

How to find us

Go through the front door, up the stairs. It's easy to find.

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If you've been struggling to find lasting romantic partnership in your life, and you'd like to resolve whatever may be in the way of you finding it, then you're going to love this.

Here's what this is all about: We have a guest teacher coming to lead a very special event for our group. Her name is Samvedam Randles, and she is a very experienced facilitator with a powerful healing modality called Family Constellations. I have done many different forms of personal growth over the years, and this is one of the most magical and memorable forms of healing that I've ever seen.

What is Family Constellations all about?

Many of us find ourselves repeating undesired emotions or behaviors, and cannot understand why they keep interfering with our happiness. Repeated failed relationships, anxiety, depression or addiction patterns can be hard to shake if you cannot find the origins of these symptoms and do not understand why they show up in your life the way they do.

In this introductory workshop, you're going to get to actually see and experience the power of this magical work as we focus on the topic of finding (and keeping) a loving, romantic partnership.

This is unlike anything you've seen before. If you're curious, I invite you to come and join us for this one-time event. You just may walk out of there changed in ways you never expected.

Who is this for?

Family Constellations workshops are open to anybody who is willing to open their mind, heart and felt-sense to explore this modality. It requires respect, humility and the willingness to be vulnerable. It is recommended that you observe and experience the process before presenting an issue.

In other words, you are welcome to come and participate without presenting anything to be worked on in the group. Since this is an introductory event, we will likely have two or three people present an issue around love and romantic relationships, and then you'll get to witness the magic of this process unfold before your eyes. People sometimes get insights and healings just by watching others do this process.

Want to join us?

Where is it? The seminar is conveniently located at the Watertown Center For Healing Arts which is a beautiful facility for an event like this.

What time? Please plan on arriving by 6:45pm so you have time to settle in and meet the other participants. We start promptly at 7:00pm and go until 10:00pm (with a break in the middle). There are plenty of bus lines that go to the center, and there is also lots of parking both on the street and in a big parking lot right across the street from the venue.

How much? Cheap. We waste so much of our time and money on social events that don't bring us any real satisfaction. This is an opportunity to have a truly satisfying experience and really connect with other single people who are eager to get to know you.

So how much? Because we want to include as many people as I can, and because this is an introductory event, we've decided to keep the price very affordable so that anyone who wants to come will be able to. The cost for this event is only $25 (cash at the door), which is very low considering the quality of experience you'll be getting.

Think about it... that's 83 cents a day for a month. What else do you spend 83 cents on every day that makes no difference in your life whatsoever? I promise that this will be well worth your time. You'll learn so much about yourself, about others, and you'll also discover how you navigate the world of finding love with more depth and success.

How big is the event? At Boston Relationship School, we typically get around 40-50 people per event, but this one is different. We'll be in a circle and doing a lot of interactivity, so we have to limit the size to 30 people. We are listing this event in several different meetup groups, so there are literally more than 17,000 people seeing this, so we expect it will fill up fast.

If you feel called to join us, please go ahead and register now in order to secure your spot. We are looking forward to seeing you there.

Jason and Samvedam

P.S. - Take down Jason's cell number in case you have any questions about the event or if you get lost. The venue is extremely easy to find, so you should have no problems, but just in case, Jason's cell is[masked]