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If you have invested in real estate outside of NYC or are wanting to invest in real estate outside of NYC this is for you! We'll discuss building out a team, evaluating good cash-flowing markets, how to remotely manage and everything else involved in being a remote investor. .. And we'll talk about the benefits of being a PASSIVE INVESTOR.

Email me at mike@dualcityinvestments.com

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Getting Started in Out of State Investing: What you need to know
Needs a date and time

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Will have a date and time for this event soon! by next week.

Details coming!

We are investing in Houses, Notes and Apartments (and now Hotels)

Please let me know which you are interested in?

Based upon one members comments:

Here is the Replay of the Webinar that Brad did for me and my Meetup Groups!

From Mark, Group Co-Organizer of this Meetup
If you watch the FREE Webinar to the end, there is a place to register for this event.
Brad is my Apartment Investing Mentor, and I am in his Personal Apartment Mentoring Program. (If you would like to learn more about investing in apartments, please feel free to email me at [masked])

Put FREE Apartment Training in the Subject Line:

Dear Apartment Meetup Members,

(this was his last one, he will have another one in November)
I would like to extend an Invitation for You and a Guest to attend this FREE Weekend Apartment Investor Training in July, 2015 at the Dallas Marriott Las Colinas in Dallas, TX where Investors from all across the USA and Abroad will be attending. You definitely want to be there!!! This is the REAL DEAL training, and so many of you are in this meet up to learn, well, you won't learn what will be taught this weekend at any one hour meeting...anywhere...

In order to confirm your attendance you will need to RSVP directly with Mark at [masked]

I strongly encourage you to bring a Guest - a spouse, family member or business partner, or someone you care about enough to enable them to learn what you will be learning...

Here is the Replay of the Webinar that Brad did for me and my Meetup Groups!

We are only days away from the Event and THE ROOM WILL BE FULL...there are limited number of seats available. Once the venue is full I will no longer accept RSVP's...so RSVP right away and make your travel plans!!!! My previous R2R in March SOLD OUT and I could not accept several folks who waited to the last minute. This will be the LARGEST and MOST COMPLETE Multifamily Investing Training Event in the USA!

Here is why you want to be at this event. Quite simply I reveal the processes & mechanisms that have enabled me and many others who have embraced my training and mentoring to consistently achieve double digit returns and increased levels of Income, Freedom and Security for our families and those that we love. Many are able to retire in just 3-5 years or less after beginning to invest in apartments. Specifically I reveal:

• The 3 Step Wealth Formula that virtually anyone can follow

• Brad's 3 Rules to Retire Early that can enable anyone to exit the Rat-Race

• Finding the Deals, including Off-Market deals

• Evaluating the Deals

• Contracting & Negotiating the Deals

• Due Diligence Exit Strategies

• Multifamily Financing

• Multifamily Business Planning

• Group Purchases & Raising Money

• Building Your Team

• Using Your IRA

• Steps to Your First Deal

And MUCH MORE - like Live "Success Stories" from students just like you who, as a result of my training and mentoring, were able to successfully purchase a multifamily property after starting with no multifamily experience.

Oh, and did I mention there will be a BUS TOUR on Sunday? Yes that's right! During this VIP Event we will go in the field and visit 3 properties - one owned by me and my group of investors, and 2 others owned by my Students. You will get "behind-the-scenes" access to properties so you can see exactly what it is like to own or invest in a multifamily deal. Buses will be rented all at my expense to make this experience the best weekend event you EVER attend! You have never attended an event like this. You will get "classroom" and "hands-on field" training at this event. This is not a sell-athon...it is a 2-day training event. During these 2 days you will be personally mentored by me - the 2012 National Apartment Association Independent Owner of the Year who retired not once but twice in the past 7 years!There will also be SPECIAL BONUSES for those who attend! All you have to do is RSVP using the links & show up.

THOSE WHO RSVP will receive more details about the event! RSVP directly with Mark at [masked]

Put FREE Apartment Training in the Subject Line:

What's the Difference Between Private Lending & JV Investing?
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Hello Everyone!

I LOVE to Travel and DO DEALS!
Will come to NYC again, once I find enough SERIOUS People to make it worth the expense (BOTH Time and Money) Looks Like I am about to get a new client in Philly, and if / when My Client in Upstate New York closes on their deal, I may be going there? Near Syracuse.

We have over 35 Meetup Groups Coast to Coast!
Two in New York City (Over Priced)
Two in Philadelphia, (there are deals to be had there)
Let me know if you are interested? Text me to make an appointment![masked]
And we have groups in the SouthEast: Atlanta, Charlotte, Orlando, All Good Areas:
WE have Texas, three groups,
The Midwest, Chicago, Minneapolis, Kansas City,
And we have the West, Denver and ABQ,
San Francisco, (Don't get me started) SIX Groups there!
Seattle (High, and we can get deals there) Six Groups,

I am flying to ABQ, New Mexico Today, where I will be attending a meeting, then drive to Colorado Springs, Colorado, where my apartment investing mentor bought an apartment complex, and then on to Denver, which is over-priced. I also have a meeting with a woman in Santa Fe on Monday, which is over priced. IF you are SERIOUS, I have DEALS Under Contract RIGHT NOW... That you could make an excellent return on as either a private lender or a JV investor. What's the difference? Let's do a Meetup Group Just on that Topic!

January LIVE Monthly Meeting!
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We are about to begin a 3 month affordable coaching and mentoring program in Philadelphia! Watch for it this WEEK!

Why Philadelphia? We have half as many members and we have twice the response as NYC. Also, Deals can be had there much more easily than NYC,

If you have money or credit and would like to be a passive investor on deals that are close to home, let me know. We will have deals! You can text me at[masked] and put passive investor in subject line. Please add your name and city since we have over 35 Meetup Groups Nationwide.

Our Inner Circle Group for Qualified Investors
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Hello Everyone, We get emails like this from time to time & Thought we would share this with you.

Here is what the person asked:

Mark, I have some investors looking to buy multifamily throughout US. Do you have anything currently you are selling?

(Just saying that “I have some investors” tells me that you are not the investor here? & must be new or a broker?)

Thank you for your email (Meetup Group Member),

Apartment investing is much more like a private club,
We are dealing with Accredited investors & Private Placement Memorandums, PPM. These deals are Private.

We do not deal with people who we do not know.

We are always looking at lots of deals and have some that we pass on from time to time.

They Always go to our inner circle of Qualified investors who we have pre-existing relationships with. We ONLY Deal Direct with the buyers,
(we do not do daisy chains)

and they have to be proven with a track record.

We do have new investors who have money, credit, net worth,
who once we have Qualified them, they have an opportunity to invest in our deals. We have these Meetup Groups, which are public, and mostly made up of newbies with no money or experience. We also have Private, By Invitation only Meetings, and these are only with Qualified Investors. These are not published on the meetup page. We have these about once a month.

Have a good week,

Group Organizer

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