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We are a group of informed citizens who advocate for accountable and responsible government. We promote ethics, morals, conservatism and American exceptualism. All Republicans and Conservative thinkers are encouraged to join. The benefits of becoming a member in this group are only as limited or unlimited as you wish them to be. The opportunity to meet and promote our conservative leaders on all levels is a very rewarding experience. We have a lot of work ahead of us in the next year and a half because we plan to take back the House and Senate as well as elect and keep a Republican president in the White House. While our current administration is bent on forcing a socialist/communist agenda down our throats, we have to stand firm against all forces that threaten our liberty and freedom. The very elements that made our country the greatest in the history of man. We need to see past the niceties and colorful platitudes that seem to mesmerize so many people into accepting what's being said only to find out what's enacted is the opposite. Everything starts at the grass roots level. We will all work together in the months ahead to accomplish this inevitable goal. Michele Sanders, Organizer

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