Past Meetup - Let's learn Node.js and JavaScript together!

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Hi fellow javascripters or future javascripters!

At nodeschool, we learn Node.js and JavaScript, starting from the basics and going towards more advanced content like Web servers, Web frameworks and more!

## Not familiar with NodeSchool

NodeSchool is a collection of workshops that help you learn JavaScript by writing code and solving challenges.

Check out for more information

## How does it work

People will group in teams of two, trying to overcome the challenges of one of the lessons.

## You need to

- bring your own laptop

## Where should I park my car?

- There's plenty of parking spots around the campus and the time the event starts you will only have to pay half an hour of parking fee.

## Where inside the campus?

The room will be V1.26 (Civil block). You can find where the room is here (

## Coffee break?

Sure! Bold International ( is sponsoring food and drinks to the event.