What we're about

We want to help build our mental resilience and physical health, through finding and pushing our physical limits in social setting.

The formula is - outdoor activity, yoga, cold water swim/shower, create/contribute, eat. Not necessarily in that order - Repeat.

The aim is to strip back our experience to us and the activity and hopefully contribute to something bigger than ourselves, so we have the mental more resilience and instilled confidence to meet life's challenges.

You should join if you're happy to experience some discomfort and unknowns to reinforce your knowledge of who you are and explore the wonders of being human.

We will be camping in the winter, running, jumping in the sea, yoga in all sorts of places, cooking, climbing, hiking, building, surfing, baking, coming up with activities together and looking at ways in which we can explore our potential and help others.

We'll be descriptive as we can about the type of activity. You should be clear these are not guided, or professional trips and you are responsible for your own safety. Everyone will be encouraged to go at their own pace. We are fundamentally inclusive.

We'll start with days trips in and from London, work up to weekends and see where it takes us.

Upcoming events

No upcoming events