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What we’re about

Q&A for spiritual mysteries of real life experiences from simulation theory, E.T. abductions and how to stop them, migraines are a spiritual effect, secrets of ghosts and haunting, demonic possession, how to get to heaven or hell, the safe and effective way to perform an exorcism vs the common way, the difference betwen innocent and naive and how it affects life's outcomes, and so much more. If you have questions, you will find clear and easy to understand answers and solutions here.

If you are interested in receiving our Inner Peace Blessing for inner fulfilment that blocks stress, then speak up in group. (this blessing may cause weight loss) People who are on it, myself included, claim dramatic overall improvement in how we feel making life a whole lot better. The blessing lasts for one week.

My name is Joseph. Having over 30 years of experience in crisis spiritual occurrences I bring clear insight and understanding of everything that may be happening to a person if the root cause is of a spiritual, psychic, paranormal, extraterrestrial origin.

This group is to learn, change and grow.