What we're about

Canada Revenue Agency needs examination.

Our group is not out to question government spending or the need for taxes.

We need to investigate the impact CRA's actions have on the lives of vulnerable people.

If you have trouble with CRA or have had your life shattered by their collection practices, you need to get in touch with our group.

Our goal is to provide support for those who have been victimized and help each other understand the system and how to rebuild our lives.

A single CRA collection action can shut down a taxpayer's bank account eliminating his or her ability to pay bills and even their rent. A taxpayer cannot even get a job, since they have no way to cash a paycheque. Existing employers are required to submit the entire paycheque directly to CRA or else they are held liable for an alleged outstanding tax bill.

It appears that this happens dozens or perhaps hundreds of times per week.

We need to examine the impact of these actions on people's lives and society.

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