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Learn To Listen To Yourself

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Topic of The Night: Learn To Listen To Yourself

How many times have you heard the advice “Just listen to yourself”? The idea of “listening to yourself” is really brilliant if you know how to do it.
But what if you do not hear the voice that tells you what is right for you and what is not?
Or sometimes there are just too many voices in your head for you to know which one is the right voice to listen to?
What if you don’t know what your inner self is telling you?
How do you know that listening to yourself is better than listening to all the smart people around you and following their most logical path in life?
When you listen to yourself you make decisions that are right for you.
No one else knows what will make you happy and bring your life in balance.
Before you can listen to yourself, you have to know yourself and hear yourself first.

Join us in the The Courage To Create Preview, have a deep conversation about your life and explore how TCC could help you to discover your inner voices.

Seats are limited and only Google Form Confirmation/SMS Confirmation is accepted for our guests.

RSVP now and we will give you a call before the preview to know more about your questions and requirements.

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How You Will Benefit
Examine the challenges & obstacles you face in your life, understand your thought-process & decipher your behavioral patterns
Explore how you can take control and become powerful to live your life the way you always wanted!
Create effective, efficient & permanent strategies to resolve challenges and obstacles
Convert your full potential into strengths & capabilities through our proven tools & technologies
Ignite the passion & drive in you for your life!

What is TCC?

The Courage to Create is a 3-day impact-intensive coaching program that gives you access to creating a life that fulfils and honors you. In this program, you will re-examine your life and uncover who you are as your full potential, in order to begin your process of becoming a more powerful and enriched individual.

What is ECI?

Executive Coach International (ECI) is a coaching organization founded in 2004. Within six years, ECI built its way up to becoming one of the leading coaching organizations in the region, boasting the largest body of international qualified coaches to be certified by International Coach Federation (ICF) based in the USA.

Each year, 400-500 individuals come through our doors.


Teng Nging Tan

Teng Nging finds joy in coaching people to live in sync with their deepest selves for she believes this is where our personal wealth lies - the determination, direction and drive to grow and realize our potential. Her own self discovery journey saw her trading her lab coat as a Research Fellow to embark on the real life science of transforming lives through coaching.

Su-Ann Phillips

A published writer, Su Ann works with numerous clients around the world, turning their ideas into print – as books, articles or websites. Apart from writing for others, she recently wrote and narrated an interactive children’s book that her daughter can’t get enough of. As a business owner, Su-Ann loves creating opportunities that fulfill her client’s dreams.

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