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On the 28th and 29th November 2015, individuals and groups from around Australia will be joining in to hack for humanity. If you're in Sydney it would be great to see you at the RHoK Sydney event.

We're looking for 'hackers' who are passionate about technology. They have varied skills and backgrounds including software developers, business analysts and graphic designers. Our hackers will be working with changemakers from the community who are working to solve a problem, and have a vision for how technology can help reach their goals.

Our goal is to bring together skilled technologists who want to make a difference, and, organisations that have a social impact, in an environment ideal for collaboration and innovation.


1. Egg Donation Australia (EDA)
a community run not-for-profit IVF information and support site that currently supports 2500 donors and intended members on their fertility journeys. Our vision is to provide anyone going through the difficult journey of conception (approximately 35000 in Australia and NZ annually) with "the gift of hope". Our challenge is to build a web based resource for people to share their stories, support each other through the journey for both donors and intended parents.

2. LGBT app
We live in a world that is changing fast. Far too often many people miss out because the lack of resources particularly those from a lower socio-economic. Our project is about embracing equity and equality. Making sure that everyone has a fair go and has the same level of support from everyone else. The idea is to increase community engagement with young people. Particularly those from LGBT, youth homelessness and youth mental health barriers.

3. Watch Me Grow

Identifying developmental and behavioural difficulties in early childhood is a significant challenge in New South Wales. Neuroscience suggests that earlier the intervention the better the outcome due to brain plasticity. We want to give every child (in NSW initially and then across Australia) the opportunity for early identification. We hope to provide a simple and effective tool for GPs and other health professionals to do developmental checks during vaccination visits. This diagnostic app will have a significant impact as early identification and intervention significantly improves the outcomes for both children and their families.

4. Thirty Three Cooks
Thirty Three Cooks is a kitchen incubator for the Illawarra, a sort of “air bnb” for kitchens and foodpreneurs. What does that mean? We’ll help create jobs and new enterprise in a region with the one of highest unemployment rates and no resources to start small food business.The challenge: We must describe our services, offer a member log in for live updates and user stories, and have an online scheduling system to book kitchens which will keep staffing cost low.

5. Responsible Runners
We’re targeting the 1 billion single-use takeaway coffee cups and lids wasted in Australia every single year, by working with cafes to offer discounts to customers who bring their own reusable cups. Our objective is to redesign our website to increase engagement with responsible cafe owners (and the customers that support them!) by incorporating relevant sustainability-related educational materials, campaigns and competitions, which will build on early success with cups and lids and expand to other forms of disposable waste, energy, and even banking. Rolling this out with a new and improved method of engaging customers in cafes, we also aim to integrate functionality that will allow responsible cafes to submit data, monitor, and display their sustainability successes over time, in order to encourage ongoing engagement with the program.