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eBook "RichDad, PoorDad" by Robert Kiyosaki.
You can download the book for free at

Team NuVision Cashflow Club Schedule:

6:30PM - 7:00PM: Networking - "pitch and wants"; promote YOUR business!
RichDad once said "who you know is more important than what you know" - this is your opportunity to Expand and Grow your business! Increase your contacts! Network with like-minded individuals!

7:00PM - 9PM: Play CASHFLOW® 101 in Cashflow Room #1
(CASHFLOW® 101 is an educational board game that teaches accounting, finance, and investing at the same time - and makes learning fun!)

7:00PM - 9PM: Play CASHFLOW® 202 in Cashflow Room #2
(CASHFLOW® 202 teaches you the advanced business and investing techniques used by technical investors by adding volatility to the game. It teaches the advanced investment techniques of "short-selling stock", "put-options", "call-options", "straddles" and real estate exchanges. You must have played CASHFLOW® 101 at least six times in order to play CASHFLOW® 202.)

9PM - 9:30PM: Group Discussion
Share with the group what you have learned by playing the CASHFLOW 101 / 202. Open Discussion Forum for all Cashflow Players.


Door Opens at 6PM

Cost: Free


* If you have the board game, please bring it. (I only have 3 board games and sometimes we need more - THANK YOU!).

* ALL ARE WELCOME - if you never played before, we invite you to play CASHFLOW 101 this week.

* We are an educational club - NO sales pitch of anykind whatsoever!!! This club is only for people who truly want to learn and network in a safe, educational environment. If you want to sell and promote Your business / products / services, you may do so only during the networking session 6:30pm - 7pm.

Who's Leading the Cashflow Games?

Rudy L. Kusuma, Club Organizer
Rudy leads the Cashflow 101. He's a real estate investor and the #1 REALTOR® in San Gabriel Coldwell Banker office. He specializes in representing owners and lenders of distressed properties, foreclosure prevention techniques, short sales, and pre-foreclosure sales. Learn more about him at (

Chris Hanson, Club Co-organizer
Chris leads Cashflow 202. He left his corporate job in 2002 to trade his own money full-time. Over the years, enough people kept saying, "show me how", so he developed "Profits On Wall Street". It's an educational firm specializing in teaching investors how to trade stocks and options. Learn more about him at