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Breakfast Roundtable for New and Seasoned Investors

Open to members and guests!

Many meetings are “focused” on a topic or a speaker. The Breakfast Club is “focused” on you!

“Success is the right skill set AND the right mindset.” “You can either learn from your own mistakes or profit from someone else’s.” Time and Money! The Breakfast Club is dedicated to creating more time and money for real estate investors. We help investors create more time and money by sharing information from experienced investors. Our meetings are designed to facilitate learning across all disciplines of real estate.

This is going to be a very informative meeting. All RICH members are invited to attend this meeting. Bring along your Business Cards and Flyers, and build a strong network.
Don’t forget to checkout the topics and hindsight of last month’s meeting.

Remember, You Snooze… You Lose!

Carlos Neto is the host organizer

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