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Advanced Portrait Editing Techniques

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Please, only sign up for this class if you are an experienced and confident user of Photoshop. You will be completely lost if you don't have a good understanding of Photoshop techniques. With that intro ....

Very short notice! I have some time Tuesday night and want to give something back to the group.

I think I can fit about four people around my monitor so I want to offer an advanced portrait editing session to a small group of photographers. This will not be for beginners, so you must be well versed in photoshop. There will not be time for extended explanations of what I am doing. Each person should bring one high resolution photo, preferably a RAW file, and I will show you how I would approach it. Plan on 30 minutes per photo, so the session should last 2 hours. I guarantee that you will learn a lot and also that you will be confused :) We can grab dinner afterward. The session is FREE!

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