Alright, I don't claim to be an expert on all things Nikon but I've got a pretty good understanding of how the cameras I own work. On top of that, I know a few neat things that can be done with some cameras to make you're post processing a little bit less labor intensive.

Here's what I'd like to cover:

Basic Functions:

Consumer camera, D3000 and similar.

Intermediate Camera, D7000, D90.

Pro-Sumer Camera, D300s, D700.

Remote camera triggering.


DX vs FX

Older lenses.

VR control.

Picture Control:

What's that all about?

Creating your own picture control preset.


Nikon View NX2

Capture NX2

Nikon Creative Lighting System (CLS)

Flashes, SB 600, SB 800, SB 700 and Vivitar after market.

Which cameras do it.

Basic setup and adjustments.

Pocket Wizard for Nikon

Flex TT1, TT5 and AC3 Zone Controller for Nikon.