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In 2003, the American Institute of Paranormal Psychology named Savannah the most haunted city in America. And what's widely regarded as the most haunted place in Savannah? You guessed it!
In April of 2012 the R.I.P. Team investigated this awesome location and it was truly amazing with the high level of activity and a huge amount of spirits we caught. From Civil War Generals and soldiers to Mr. John Audubon {Audubon Society} to patients of the Yellow Fever epidemic and many more. THE MOON RIVER BREWING COMPANY, your going to want to plan on this road trip because it does not get any better than this. Only 4.5 hour drive to Savannah, Ga.
The Brewery is in a very historic part of Savannah. This building was built in 1821 by Elazer Early and known as the First City Hotel. Over time, the hotel served as a post office, bank, and bar before until closing after Sherman's occupation in 1864. It was also a hospital during the Yellow Fever epidemic and over 2,000 people died there. Later, the building became a coal warehouse and printing supply store.

Reported hauntings The building is reputed to be haunted, having several reported incidents of such phenomena. Many staff members reported pushing, possessions, and objects flying across rooms. Witnesses also alleged often seeing the apparition of a little boy named Toby in the basement.

Many of the staff members as well as guests have reported experiences of paranormal activity. Today, most of the building is the same as it was in 1832. This is because every time people have tried to renovate, strange occurrences would take place. An example of this occurred in the 1990s. During an attempt to renovate, the foreman’s wife was mysteriously pushed down the staircase. He resigned immediately. The upper floors still have not been renovated. This as well as many other occurrences is proof of the possibility that this building may be haunted.

The Moon River Brewing Company is said to have an extremely violent past. In 1832, two townspeople, Mr. James Stark and Dr. Phillip Minis, are said to have shared an ongoing controversy. The story goes that Stark was drinking at the bar in the First City Hotel began making remarks about another patron, Dr. Minis. Dr. Minis later arrived and shot Stark in the bar. During his trial Dr. Minis said that James Stark reached for his gun first and was acquitted.

In 2005, the brewery was investigated by TAPS and featured in their first Ghost Hunters Halloween special. During the investigation, surveillance video supposedly caught an unexplained shadow figure moving behind a bar counter.

In 2009, Travel Channel's paranormal television series Ghost Adventures investigated the brewery. During the investigation, a team member, Nick Groff, was supposedly momentarily possessed. This place is off the hook, we experienced so many things at this investigation. Dress comfortable,bring water, flashlights,paranormal equipment,don't wear any perfumes or colognes and be ready for a unique experience. If you would like to have dinner with the R.I.P. HUNTERS TEAM, be at the Moon River Brewing Company at 9pm to join them for some great food and lots of coffee before we start investigating at midnight. See you then and Good Hunting.