For their first performance of the summer season, 2nd Story returns to the Bristol Courthouse (Statehouse) for "The Exonerated." Here is their description of the play:

"THE EXONERATED follows six former Death Row inmates whose convictions were reversed. From their trials to their incarcerations to their eventual releases, this award-winning play uses the words of these innocent men and women as they share the stories of everything and everyone they lost when they were wrongly convicted, as well as the lives they are working to rebuild."

Ticket Information

Tickets are $30. Seating is General Admission.
Each person is responsible for purchasing their own ticket. For reservations, please call the 2nd Story Theater at 401-247-4200.

Please Note that Friday nights at do sell out early. In addition, the Courthouse has less seats than the main theater. Please do not wait to order your tickets! I strongly recommend that you order your tickets now.

Please identify yourself as a member of this group when you order your tickets.

Meet-up Logistics

Please be at the Courthouse NO LATER than 7:30. Seating is general admission and due to the size of the venue, they will not be holding seats for us. Seating is first-come;first-served, so please be prompt so we can all sit together. When you RSVP, I will provide my cell phone number in case you're running late or get lost.