Update 04/18/14: Tickets have been purchased.

Caution: For Mature Audiences Only.

For this Meet-up we will return to the Gamm Theater for "Blackbird". Here is the description on the Gamm's website:

Scottish playwright David Harrower’s most acclaimed and most controversial play, “Blackbird is theater at its most elemental," says the New York Times. In a littered factory break room, 55-year-old Ray and 27-year-old Una engage in a confrontation so real and raw that you feel you should look away. But how can you? Fifteen years earlier, the two had a sexual affair...when she was 12. Ray has assumed a new identity and a new life following his imprisonment; while Una has spent that time searching for answers to her conflicting emotions. What emerges from the recriminations and explanations is a complex relationship that blurs the boundaries between love and lust, obsession and abuse. Uncompromising, shocking and surprisingly tender, Blackbird will leave you hanging on every word and every uncomfortable silence. For mature audiences only.

Ticket Information

Tickets are $45.75 (including Paypal's transaction fee.) The breakdown is as follows: Ticket price: $44.00; Paypal transaction fee: $1.75. Please note that I have purchased a single ticket season subscription to the GAMM. You, therefore, are able to obtain your ticket for the subscriber price and no GAMM service charge!

Seating is reserved. Therefore, I will purchase all tickets for the group. See the payment options below.

RSVPs for this Meetup will close on Thursday, April 17th. I will purchase the tickets on the 18th.

Meet-up Logistics

We will meet at the Gamm Theater promptly at 7:30 PM. I will also provide my cell number in case you need to reach me.

Payment via Paypal

When you RSVP, there will be a question asking for your e-mail address. Answering this question is mandatory since the e-mail will be used to send you a Paypal Invoice. Please note that I must have payment prior to 04/17/14 so I can purchase our tickets. You may use that invoice to pay by credit card or direct bank debit. Note that you do NOT need a Paypal account to pay by credit card. This is the preferred option and was used successfully for the past three seasons.

Refund Policy

Full refunds will be provided if you change your RSVP to "NO" on or before 04/17/14.

Full refunds will be provided if the play is sold out and we are unable to get tickets.

Once tickets are purchased on 04/18/14, no refunds will be provided. You will be responsible for the disposal of your ticket if you're unable to attend.