For this performance, 2nd Story returns to the Bristol Courthouse (Statehouse) for "Golda's Balcony." Here is their description of the play:

"William Gibson's one-woman tour de force gives us a great insight into a personal and public life that made Golda Meir such a legendary world leader. This is a dramatic look at idealism, power, and the strength it takes to shape the destiny of a nation. Golda's Balcony is being presented to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Kristallnacht."

Ticket Information

Tickets are $30. Seating is General Admission.
Each person is responsible for purchasing their own ticket. For reservations, please call the 2nd Story Theater at 401-247-4200.

Please Note that Friday nights at do sell out early. In addition, the Courthouse has less seats than the main theater. Please do not wait to order your tickets! I strongly recommend that you order your tickets now.

Please identify yourself as a member of this group when you order your tickets.

Meet-up Logistics

Please be at the Courthouse NO LATER than 7:30. Seating is general admission and due to the size of the venue, they will not be holding seats for us. Seating is first-come;first-served, so please be prompt so we can all sit together. When you RSVP, I will provide my cell phone number in case you're running late or get lost.


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