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Probabilistic Logic Programming in Scala (At Warm Up Bowling Antibes !)

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Attention: the venue for the meeting is Warm Up Bowling ( in Antibes.

Before vacation, we had a series of talks on DSLs, why don't see it in action, with a real application ?

Sandro Stucki from EPFL will present Probabilistic Logic Programming in Scala. So, we'll have two subjects in one, Probabilistic Logic Programming and how the concept is implemented in a DSL called Odds. Isn't it great ?

But what is Probabilistic Logic Programming ? Remember our meetup on Relational Programming in Core Logic ? Well, it's something like relational programming, but every relation is associated with a number that represents the probability of the relation. Probabilistic Logic Programming is used in many fields like machine learning, natural language processing, well, all those fun stuffs.

As usual, there might be another presentation for the evening. Stay tuned for the details.

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