Mapping in R

This is a past event

23 people went


**Speaker: Theoni Photopoulou

Theoni, our original Cape Town R-lady, is back visiting from Scotland where she is currently doing her postdoc and will be with us on Thursday to talk about some of the packages she's been learning about, especially to do with mapping in R.

** What will we cover?
We will look at basic mapping in R and Theoni will introduce us to the package ggmap.

** What's ggmap?
The ggmap package allows you to download and plot basic maps from Google maps, OpenStreetMaps (and a few other sources). These maps can then be used as layers within the ggplot2 plotting system. Essentially, you can plot maps from ggmap, and then use ggplot2 to plot points and other geoms on top of the map. Using ggplot+ggmap this way is extremely useful for geospatial visualization.

Have a look at this blog post as a quick introduction:

This is a really useful skill to have in in your toolbox for all sorts of use cases, so come join us!

** Preparation
As this will be a hands on session (please bring your laptop, if you have one) and also install the following beforehand, if possible:
- tidyverse
- ggmap

** The header image comes from this post on stackoverflow: