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Eagles and predictive modelling in R

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Megan B.
Eagles and predictive modelling in R


Meg Murgatroyd is a postdoctoral fellow at the FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology, UCT. She specializes in movement ecology and conservation of raptors. She has been collecting GPS tracking data from Verreaux’s eagles across South Africa and is building an R-based model to predict wind turbine collision risk for the species. The model functions in a similar way to habitat use models and will help to inform macro- and micro- placement of wind turbines across SA in more eagle-friendly locations.

The session will present what a wind turbine collision risk model is and why we need it. Then Meg will share some R code to analyse some tracking data and use it for predictive modeling. This will include annotating tracking data with topographic data, preparing it for a model and using the model to make predictions about collision risk in other areas.

Bring laptops and have the ‘raster’ package installed.

Find out more information here:
3rd Floor, Bandwidth Barn, Woodstock Exchange
66 - 68 Albert Road, Woodstock Exchange · Cape Town
How to find us

The entrance to the Bandwidth Barn is in the parking basement of the Woodstock Exchange. The glass door will likely be locked after 5pm. Ask security to open up for you if it is and come up to the 3rd floor.

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