Package Development Workshop

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Curious about package development, but not sure where to start? Have a few packages under your belt but unsure of what to do with them? This workshop is for you! Run by R-Ladies Charlottesville, the goal of this workshop is to empower you to start contributing back to the R ecosystem with package development. We’ll be using materials developed by Hadley Wickham, Jenny Bryan, and Di Cook for the FoRwards teaching team.

By the end of this three-hour workshop, you should know how to:

- Make your code into an R package,
- Do collaborative coding with GitHub,
- Write a vignette or an article,
- Write tests, error messages, and documentation, and
- Submit a package to CRAN.

Bring your own code that you want to make into a package, or work with our example.

Angela Li of R-Ladies Chicago and Samantha Toet of R-Ladies Charlottesville will be co-teaching this workshop. Angela is the R Spatial Advocate at the Center for Spatial Data Science and Samantha is the Partner Marketing Specialist for RStudio.

Workshop instructors and participants agree to adhere to the R Consortium and R Community Code of Conduct.

If you have any questions or are interested in helping out, please email samantha [at]