R-Ladies Pasadena: Good Practices in R


Hello everyone,

Happy new year! Welcome to our second Pasadena R-Ladies meeting. Per your requests, we will have a talk on good practices in R. This session will be led by Zhi Yang who is a Ph.D. candidate in biostatistics from the University of Southern California.

The talk will be targeted at those who just began their journey in using R or only use it now and then. If you were one of them, you might be at the stage that the excitement and joy, from running awesome analyses and generating data visualization in R, have been taken away by being tired of managing scripts and repeatedly doing things. Then, it might be time to consider developing good practices in R.

Based on some widely-known online resources and her own experiences, Zhi will go over a wide range of good practices in R including how to use RStudio projects, name files, customize RStudio, create shortcuts, format codes, write functions, and etc. These tips will hopefully help improve your experiences of programming in R to achieve goals of better managing multiple projects and saving your time in the long run.