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How to write R packages

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Gail C. and Donna W.


Title: How to write R packages
Speaker: Dongyi (Lambda) Lu, Graduate student at Caltech

Abstract: Package ecosystems like CRAN and Bioconductor makes R a powerful tool in data analysis across fields. Writing packages is a great way to share code and to reuse code ourselves. In fact, writing R packages is not as difficult as some may expect thanks to integration of devtools, roxygen2, and git into RStudio. In this meetup, we will learn the basic structure of R packages, get started with git, write a minimal package with roxygen2 documentation, and get it to pass R CMD check. If time permits, we will also cover Bioconductor package requirements.

We'll have food at 6, and the presentation will start at 7. Hope to see you there!
Sherman Fairchild Library
California institute of technology, Building 43 · Pasadena, ca
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