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RLadies Pasadena Meetup - Building a Personal Website Using Blogdown

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Donna W. and 2 others


Hi everyone! Keren will be presenting on how to make a personal website using the Blogdown package and RStudio! Specifically she will be covering the following points:

  • Motivations for building a personal website
  • Introduction to version control (using Git/GitHub)
  • Introduction to Blogdown using RStudio
  • Step by step instruction on building a personal website using Blogdown

Here's the links for her presentation content:

It is also recommended to set up Git and connect your RStudio to Git and Github in order to follow along with the presentation. One resource that covers this is Happy Git and Github for the useR by Jenny Bryan (

Finally: Please make sure you register if you plan on attending - we will need an accurate count for the room and for food!

Thanks so much and see you all tomorrow evening!

California institute of technology, Building 43 · Pasadena, ca