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Basics of the gt (grammer of tables) package

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Juliette V. and 2 others
Basics of the gt (grammer of tables) package


Hi R-Ladies SB,

Please join us for an evening of display table making using the {gt} package! We will be going over the basic components and modifications available using {gt}. We will be using a combination of Thanksgiving dinner survey data from FiveThirtyEight ( and hopefully survey info from our R-Ladies community!

If everyone could spare 10 seconds to fill out this 3 question pie survey, we can see our data in action!

Instructions for installing software and packages can be found below, and the Zoom link will become available upon RSVPing.

Looking forward to seeing many of you!


If you wish to code alongside us during breakout room sessions, please have R/RStudio installed as well as the following packages: tidyverse, gt.

Install R here:
Install RStudio here:

Copy and paste the following code into your console to install the necessary packages prior to our meetup:


The github repo with the code and markdown files are locations here:
If you do not have github, no worries! You can download gt_workshop.Rmd if you’d like to live code alongside us, or alternatively, download the key, gt_workshop_key.Rmd which contains all code that we’ll cover. Please also be sure to download the data, thanksgiving_pie.csv, which is located in the ‘data’ folder

We suggest creating an R project to store all four files in for ease of use. If you are unsure how to do so, you can find detailed instructions here:


Tuesday 11/17 last minute updates and reminders!

- If you haven’t already please take a minute to fill out the google form survey (link in the meeting description). It’s about pie!!
- If you haven’t downloaded the most recent version of zoom, we highly recommend that you do so.
- I have made edits to the markdown and data in my GitHub repository, so if you have already downloaded the materials and want the updated version you will need to re-download or pull it.
- Lastly, the first 15 minutes of our meeting will be dedicated to helping people trouble shoot set up issues. If you don’t need any help, just hop on the call at 5:45!

Excited to see you all tomorrow!
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