• Intermediate git & GitHub lightning talks

    Online event

    There will be approx. 5 lightning talks (5-8 minutes) on topics ranging from pull requests to GitHub actions to security with time for questions and discussion at the end.

    There is no prerequisite knowledge for attendees; however, if you are not a git user you may find it helpful to look through the materials for our Git through April workshops ahead of time https://github.com/kdillmcfarland/2021-04-02-r-ladies-seattle-online/tree/gh-pages/_episodes/R-ladies.

  • Developing R Packages for Yourself and Others

    Online event

    Please join us for a presentation on creating R packages with guest speaker Reiko Okamoto. Thank you Reiko for bringing your R-Ladies Vancouver presentation to R-Ladies Seattle!

    Event Description: R packages are a collection of functions, documentation, and sample data. Not only do they provide an excellent framework for organizing your code, but they also make it easier to share code with other R users. In this workshop, we’ll develop a simple R package together to gain an understanding of the key steps of package development. I’ll also reflect on my experiences creating an internal package for my team at the BC Ministry of Health. I hope to shed light on the lesser-known non-technical aspects of package development by discussing how to identify what tools your teammates need to succeed and how to encourage them to adopt your package. This workshop is geared towards (but not limited to) those who are new to developing packages and those who are thinking of creating one to share within their organization and beyond.

    **This workshop assumes you know how to write a function in R and are familiar with the RStudio IDE. (See below for resources and required packages) ***

    About the Speaker: Reiko is a data analyst with the Government of British Columbia. In her role, she creates various tools using R to support her team’s work in monitoring trends in population health and health inequalities in the province. When her computer is turned off, she splits her time as a recreational bassist, aspiring Star Baker, and occasional trainspotter.

    General workshop information:

    - Please expect a hands-on session in a friendly and laid-back atmosphere where we all encouraged to learn together.
    - This workshop assumes you know how to write a function in R and are familiar with the RStudio IDE. Follow the links below for a refresher:
    - Yuka Takemon's Base R functions tutorial: https://www.yukatakemon.com/post/rladies-functions/rladies-building-functions/

    Software requirements:
    - R (Free at https://cran.r-project.org/)
    - RStudio (Free at https://www.rstudio.com/products/rstudio/download/)

    Package requirements: (Install the following using
    `install.packages("packageNameHere")` in your console)
    - devtools
    - roxygen2
    - testthat
    - knitr

    If this is your first R-Ladies event, please take a moment to review our R-Ladies Global code of conduct: https://github.com/rladies/.github/blob/master/CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md