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Excited to say Mike Dunafon is coming to talk to our group. Currently he is the mayor of Glendale, and running in the upcoming election for Governor.

He will be sharing a bit about himself and is run for governor. The we will open it up for Q&A.

My hope is we can find his thoughts on the governments role in modern day currency. Specifically as new options like bitcoin become available.

Really excited about this one. See you there.

This Meetup is proudly being sponsored by AmagiMetals. Amagi will be buying the first Colorado Draft, house Wine, or Well cocktail for all who attend.

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Meetup structure this week.

6-6:30 arrival and drinks

6:30-6:45 short presentation

6:45-7 questions and opinions

7-8 open conversation

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Discounted validation cards for this garage in the restaurant for paying guests.

Bitcoins accepted for all purchases of food and beverage along with tips.(Not converted into dollars instantly)

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