• Fundraising and GTM strategy - Talk by Startup Hypeman (Raj 'RajNATION' Nathan)

    By popular request, Raj 'RajNATION' Nathan - the Startup Hypeman - has agreed to speak to the group on the topics of fundraising and go-to-market strategy!

    I recently met Raj at an 1871 event, where he presented a talk titled, "How To Not Suck At Pitching Your Startup!" It was a fantastic help for me and the other folks in the room, and so I'm excited that he's sharing some of his expertise with this group as well.


    5:00 - 5:20pm / Arrive, meet with Raj and other founders
    5:20 - TBD / Raj speaks to the group
    TBD - 7 or 8: Meet with Raj and other founders

    Important Notes

    1. Attendees of this particular event are asked to share their email address with Raj as cost of admission.
    2. Neither I (Mo) nor this meetup group receive any sort of compensation or discount from Raj/Startup Hypeman as part of this event.

    Raj's talk will be valuable to many of us who are actively raising funds and shaping our brand messaging. The only affiliation I may have with Raj is potentially becoming a client of his in future.