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52WAV: Mt Israel EASY PACE

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Organizer - Larry Peck [masked]

This is a spur of the moment hike that my wife and I will be doing. I thought I'd post this as a meetup if anyone would like to join us. My wife(Kelly) is a beginner hiker who hikes at a beginner pace with lots of breaks.

***this hike is cross posted with the New England Hiking Meetup***


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What we'll be doing

The entire hike will be on the Wentworth Trail, which is accessed from Mead base conservation center. The complete hike is about 4.2 miles round trip. I don't expect this hike to be more than 4.5 hours in duration but I'm never in any hurry so we can take as much time as needed.

The forecast for Sunday is Partly sunny and in the high 70s. Make sure you bring plenty of water.

This will be at a slow paced hike catering to beginner hikers. The goal is to tag a 52 With A View peak and enjoy the scenery at the top without killing ourselves. Even though this is a beginner hike, you should have some cardiovascular capability as we will be gaining almost 1800' of elevation.

If you would like to know what you are expected to have, review the following list:

Three_Season_Dayhike_gear_list (

Trail map can be found here (


- are from Route 93 north, NH border and looks like it's about 1hour 45 minutes

the google map of the parking lot can be found here (,-71.484330(Wentworth+Trailhead)&hl=en&ll=43.285203,-71.430359&spn=1.577475,3.161316&sll=43.303195,-71.282043&sspn=1.577008,3.161316&geocode=FTY3jAIdbWzB-w%3BFezEnAIdVjy9-w&mra=ls&t=m&z=9)

Look for the 2004 Gold Toyota Tacoma Pickup or 2000 pewter Chevy Suburban

Please email me your questions.

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