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November: Hands-on Test Driven Development

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Presented by Tyler Thompson

Most of us agree that writing tests for our code is a good thing but if you are like I was, you’re wondering if it’s worth the extra time to write tests before diving into implementation or you might be thinking that writing tests will hinder your creativity and normal flow of discovery.

In this course, you will accept a freelance project from a fictitious company. This freelance project will be a great place for you to explore Test Driven Development (TDD), without the added pressure of your day job. You will discover for yourself if TDD is worth the effort.

Tyler Thompson has been working as a self-employed, full-stack software engineer for the past 21 years. Working with his clients to understand their pain points, he proposes then implements solutions from concept through to final delivery. He loves discovering how things work and is excited to share what he’s learned with those around him.

Roanoke Valley .NET User Group (RVNUG)
Roanoke Valley .NET User Group (RVNUG)
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