Our First Meeting!

This is a past event

2 people went

Needs a location


Let's just dive right in, shall we? The first episode we would like to listen to and discuss is from Episode 54. The title is "Politics and Guns - Part 1 - Politics is a Good Word".

We aren't quite sure of the format yet. We could either listen to the podcast all together and pause and discuss as needed. Or, we could all listen to the podcast individually before we meet and bring our questions, comments, or concerns before the group and discuss.

Depending on the feedback I receive, I'll send out an email to let everyone know which format the meeting will take.

As a reminder, all are welcome here. In as such, we all agree to listen to each other's opinions with open minds and hearts. We will never grow if we never hear other points of view. If we don't see eye-to-eye, we will disagree agreeably. We will choose kindness over being right. We will not raise voices. We will not be contrarian just for the sake of argument. We do not have to hold the same viewpoint to engage in discussion. We all agree to come into conversation giving each other the benefit of the doubt. We do not attack anyone's character because they don't see things our way. If you do not feel you can abide by those guidelines, then maybe this group isn't for you.