Amazon DeepRacer Presentation by Mark Liu

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Every 3rd Tuesday of the month

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Mark Liu from UCSD will do presentation about Amazon DeepRacer.

This will be an overview on the Amazon DeepRacer and reinforcement learning as part of the AWS Race League. As well as the current state of the open source project "Donkey Car" which is a community developed autonomous vehicle platform.

The Amazon Race League is a virtual machine learning challenge that has races all over the world users can submit to, it uses the AWS service to train ML models. The DeeprRacer car is a hardware extension of this platform and allows users to see their models perform in real life.

The Donkey car project is an open source autonomous vehicle framework that runs on a Linux SBC. The project started with Raspberry PI and a small 1/16th scale RC car and now has expanded to various hardware platforms and racers/races all over the world. Currently the biggest race is in Oakland and has a turn out of over 100 people with over a dozen cars.


The main door of the building closes at 6:15pm, if you come after that time, please call Hansol at[masked]