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Learn Traditional Lead Climbing

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Are you ready to tie into the sharp end and want to learn to lead climb on traditional gear from qualified instructors?

Lead Climbing takes courage and boldness. You must be confident with systems and equipment. You must be accurate, quick with decision making, have the ability to assess risk and and your own ability, and most of all, possess a sharp mental edge.

So do you have what it takes? If yes, fantastic – let’s continue building your confidence. Our advanced rock climbing instructors will teach you everything you need to know to become a poised traditional lead climber.

KAF Adventures will provide all artificial protection needed, so if you have no traditional gear, or a partial rack, come on out and learn what pieces are needed most. Come test out our gear, and learn what you NEED to buy!

The Traditional Lead Climbing curriculum includes:

How to pick a climb What gear to bring, and purchase Anchor placement review How to rack your gear Protection placement on lead Considerations for placing gear on Lead (drag, walking of pieces) Lead climbing review Lead belaying review Practice building artificial anchors Different methods to belay from above For more information and/or to sign up click here (