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The Climbing: The 5.6 to 5.11 range is roughly what we'll be aiming at (there's plenty of diversity there for everyone's skill level). Top rope or lead. Beginners, intermediate, advanced, all are welcome whether you've been outdoors before or not. Come for the whole weekend or just for one of the days.

Getting there: Take I-90, jump off at Exit 143. Take the first left onto Silica Rd SW and then it's the first left onto Vantage Road (there's a home and a bunch of trees on the corner). When you see cars, tents and people attached to the ropes, that’s the Feathers. Keep going down the Old Vantage Highway until you reach the pullout on the right


The Plan: We'll be getting there around 10am at this pullout located...

This will make it easier to just wander along the jeep trail to the Echo Basin locations (also making it a lot more friendly for those dog owners out there). Some prime targets with the grades available (many of which are very highly rated with three or four stars) are…
Sunset Park: 5.7, 3x5.8, 3x5.9, 2x10a, 3x10b, 2x10c, 3x 11a, 1x11b
Riverview Point: 2x5.4, 3x5.7, 4x5.8, 5.9, 8x10a, 6x10b, 4x10c, 2x10d, 6x11a, 2x11b
Corn Wall: 5.7, 5x5.9, 2x10a, 10b, 10c, 11a
Millenium Wall: 5.7, 2x5.8, 5x5.9, 3x10a, 3x10b, 2x10c, 11b

Afterwards we’ll drive back to the main lot (the one with the notice board and toilet) locate a spot, set up camp and kick back.

The Evening: Campfires, cooking, chilling, conversing (night climbing at the Feathers if you fancy - bring a headlamp if so).

A Discover Pass is needed to camp/park here and there's an online .pdf that has a decent summary of some of the areas.


The Plan: Seeing as it is highly unlikely we'll get all those routes, back into the Basin to continue exploring.

Communications: I'll email all the rsvp-ers nearer the date and we can trade numbers to ensure late arrivals or lostee's (it happens) can locate us or catch up or get directions (if I don't reply immediately give it a little while, I might be climbing, belaying someone, or just out of breath from hiking)

Basically when you see the champagne colored Toyota Corolla with the 'LA County Coroner' sticker you're in the right place. At the crags look for the 'Union Jack' painted climbing helmet or cammo trousers.

Stuff to Bring

Essentials: Harness, shoes, water, sunblock.

Would be handy if you have them: Rope, quickdrawers, personal anchor, slings, ATC, grigri, chalk, anchors. Helmets, while not essential are highly recommended due to the steady drizzle of pebbles, chunks, and lumps that tend to descend from above.

Camping: Tent, food, firewood, sleeping bag and the ability to stay warm.


  • Bruce M.

    First time at Riverview and it was grand, everything from 5.4's to 11a's with lots of 5.9 and 10's and even a new mystery route not in the guide. Thanks to all for coming and making it a most excellent day. The wind really picked up once we got back to the cars and so we decided against camping in it. Plus the grounds were rather full with people worshipping the new toilet. And that's just creepy :)

    3 years ago
  • Former member

    Former member

    Awesome! Thanks for a fun day out!!!

    3 years ago
  • Misa

    Anybody (women) leave a blue Columbia shell and a Sounders T-shirt at Riverview Point? If so, let me know so I can get them back to you!

    3 years ago