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What we’re about

Are you passionate about pursuing a healthy environmental and natural balanced lifestyle filled with adventure?  Are you hoping to connect with others in the Triangle who share similar interests in passion that inspires more passion? 

If you're searching for camaraderie and an awesome community of people to encourage you in your pursuit of a life of adventure-fueled existence, Rock the Triangle Meetup is where it's at!

Each month, we will be organizing a handful of indoor and outdoor (mostly outdoor) focused events, including bike treks, hikes, yoga, rewilding, meditation, frisbee golf, foraging, kayaking, paddle boarding, snowboarding/skiing, rock climbing, waterfall tours, camping, open water swim, and surfing sometimes weekend getaways and probably many other things as we adventure into the wild! 

We always make sure to schedule events at various times throughout the week and alternate locations near the triangle to make sure everyone has the chance to get involved.

Look out for our many upcoming events and don’t hesitate to reach out to anyone on our leadership team if you have any ideas for an event or would like to participate in hosting.

Our leadership includes three local professionals who are also outdoor enthusiasts.

Lee Duncan - a Garage Design Practice Lead at IBM for the last 17 years. He is a trail and mountain bike enthusiast who will be bringing some fun and challenging rides to the mix.

Sara Sosnowski - an UI UX Designer at Cisco for a little over 7 years. She is a yoga advocate and overall daughter of nature who will challenge us all to find our center and push our physical, mental and spiritual selves further than we thought we could.

Bradley Sosnowski - an consultant at NCState and entrepreneur of application development. He is an overall nature boy who is always in the mood for adventure.

This Meetup group is no longer affiliated with the ‘Triangle Rock Club’ in any capacity.

Please answer the profile questions before asking to join or participating in any RTT events. We will NOT approve any membership request if you have not answered ALL the RTT profile questions plus provided a clear current picture of yourself (not just a random photo). The photo should clearly show your face and not include other people. This is for your safety as well as the other members of RTT. Most outdoor activities can be dangerous and we want everyone to clearly understand the RTT rules.

Questions about our Meetup or upcoming events? Feel free to email!