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Master Trainer Rocky Snyder, CSCS shares his decades of professional experience and education through a lecture/hands-on approach to learning. Topics will vary from reducing and eliminating pain, to improving athletic performance. The primary purpose of this group is to guide and provide attendees with tools they can use to improve their lives with self-reliance and self-responsibility.

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Brain Training 101

Rocky's Fitness Center

The fundamental role in life is the survival of the brain: the Master Controller. Are you aware there are exercises you can perform to improve brain function? Join us for a fun and unique exploration in the Nervous System.

Bulletproofing the ACL

Rocky's Fitness Center

One of the more common injuries on the ski slopes are torn ACLs. Come learn how to safeguard against such events this winter when you take to the slopes. Join Rocky Snyder as he leads you on a journey of exploration of knee motion and neuromuscular reactions.

Life After Joint Replacement

Rocky's Fitness Center

Rocky's Fitness Center is part of Dominican Hospital's Total Joint Replacement Program. Come and learn how to continue living to the fullest after physical therapy is over.

Rock Solid Rotator Cuffs

Rocky's Fitness Center

When it comes to pain and injury, the rotator cuff is often the victim of the crime and not the culprit. Come learn more about the relationship the shoulder has with the rest of the body, why trouble can occur, and what you can do about it. Movement specialist, Rocky Snyder will provide a combination of lecture and a hands-on experience to help attendees create a healthier and happier relationship with this part of their bodies.

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