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Quest Night Glory & Gold, by SCARE for a CURE

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All info on the event, and SCARE for a CURE's website can all be found here:

This is a one-shot charity game, and repeats at the same time and place on April 18th, 19th, 25th and 26th

You can read the event's FAQ below:

What is Quest Night?

Quest Night is an interactive action adventure starring you! Parties of six will fight, crawl, and puzzle their way through the Quest Night adventure. Each player will chose a class (warrior, mage, cleric, or rogue) and be given hit points and abilities based upon that player class. Players will have the opportunity to upgrade to one of four Elite classes. Players will also have the opportunity to purchase character buffs, spell scrolls, and healing potions, either for a small fee at Quest Night or by purchasing an Upgrade Package through this website.

Keep in mind: every dollar you spend directly benefits SCARE for a Cure! We are a non-profit charity organization committed to raising money for local cancer-related charities. We must raise money for safety infrastructure at our new location or we might not be able to continue providing that service. So, spend freely and help us help our fellow Central Texans!

Tickets can be bought at

But how do I actually take part in the quest?

If you ever played Dungeon & Dragons then you already have a leg up on other folks. The basis of D&D is a setting that most folks today are familiar with: The Lord of the Rings.
Most people have seen the films, even if they have not read the books. It's an epic adventure featuring Knights, Dragons, Wizards, Orcs, Crusaders, Elves, Dwarves, and many others.

At Quest Night, you will take on the role of one of the heroes of such a tale. We will arm you with weapons and spells, and you will enter into combat with a wide variety of beastly characters.

Enter into combat? Are they going to hit me?!

Not physically, though your monstrous foes will do their best to take your hit points! Combat is performed by rolling special over-sized dice on a special table. If the attacker rolls high enough, then they hit their target and take a portion of their hit points.

You said parties of six; what if I only have two friends to bring with me?

Don't worry! If you do not have 6 people in your party, you will have the opportunity to recruit additional party members at Quest Night. After all, the best part of any adventure is sharing it with a group!

So what happens after the Quest is over?

After your Quest, your character's stats, level, and assets will be recorded so that you will be ready to continue your adventure at next year's Quest Night.

You will also be able to relive your Quest Night experience by visiting the photo booth and sharing battle stories in the J. Lorraine Ghost Town Cafe.

What other information should I know?

• Players can purchase "power-ups" or "BUFFS" in the form of tokens, potions, spells, magic equipment, enhanced abilities.

• Players will have to perform actions, such as physical puzzles, disarm traps, traverse obstacles, climb, crawl, swing, etc...

• Players will NOT engage in real combat. Combat will be via over sized dice on a special elevated Combat Table.

• The RULES will be very simplified from traditional D&D, and a short training session will be provided.

• Players are encouraged to wear their own costumes.

• Players may rent costume pieces from SCARE.

• The PC's actions may place them on a GOOD path or an EVIL path.

• Players may "die" and if no action is taken, they will not be able to continue the Quest.

• Parties may fail the Quest (separate win/lose scenarios).

• A partial party will be able to succeed in the Quest.

• There will be treasure and loot.

• The Quest will take approximately two hours.

• Players who pull out their cell phones or cameras during the adventure may be asked to leave the event with no refund.

Your vocabulary may need to include a few new words:

Action: Players will generally receive ONE action per round. Choose your Action wisely.

Action Point: Players(guests) have a limited number of action points(AP) to use each round of combat. For our purposes, a level 1 player has 1 action point.

Buff: Any spell or action that provides a positive benefit to a player.

Class: Profession; Warrior, Mage, Rogue, Cleric, Warlord, Battlemage, Shadow, Crusader

Death: When either a PC or an enemy is damaged below 1 Hit Point. If the PC is not resureccted by another PC, he/she remains dead and is out of the adventure.

Dice/Die: A multi side object used to demonstrate random chance. Ex. a 6-sided die.

D&D/Dungeons & Dragons: One of the original fantasy role-playing games using pen, paper, a variety of dice and several game books.

Encounter: Each individual combat series where the PC's must fight one or more enemies. Once all of the enemies in a single room are defeated, the ENCOUNTER is ended.

GP: Gold Piece, the currency of the Realm. For our purposes, a $1 value.Hit Points: A measure of a character's health or an object's integrity.

Damage decreases current hit points, and lost hit points return with healing.

Level: A measurement of a players abilities within a given discipline. Ex. a 7th level wizard has more spells and power than a 2nd level wizard.

PC: Player Character. In a word, YOU! The paying customer, the adventurer, the hero!

Round: The time in which it takes each PC(player Character) and each monster/eneny to take a single action.

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