Exalted 2nd Edition @ Mage's Sanctum

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Mage's Sanctum

9709 Manchaca Rd · Austin, TX

How to find us

The best way to find mage's sanctum is to head to discount electronics on Manchaca! They share the same building! I'll be the dude with all the Exalted Books!

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Hello! I'm looking to drum up 5 regular players for a tabletop game of Exalted 2nd Edition in South Austin.

I would GM of course & the game would be hosted Sundays at Mage's Sanctum on Manchaca from 12:30PM-?? time everyone can agree on no later than 6:30PM. Tables at Mage's Sanctum must be reserved, so I won't start until I have interest! Also! I will provide everything! Dice! Books! Battlegrid! Pancakes! Well not pancakes, but I will provide character sheets as well!

I'll also be at the location this Sunday at 12:30 should anyone want to chat and learn about the game!
(If you're just coming to learn? Please don't hit the sign up, that's just for the players ;] )

Patented Wall-o-info below!

-What is Exalted?-
Exalted is a cinematic RPG based on eastern fantasy rather than western. Drawing heavily from such epics as Journey to the West, Modern Wuxia films such as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and The Wall as well as elements of Anime such as Escaflowne. In Exalted players take on the role of demigods known as, well, The Exalted. In this case the Solar Exalted. The once rulers of creation who were deposed by their lessers and demonized by a false religion for 1,000 years. Yet are only now returning to the world in its time of need to save it...or perhaps hasten its destruction.

Note: Exalted is a quasi-precursor in some ways to Vampire the Masquerade as well as the entire World of Darkness. A second note is the importance of five players, each one to take on a unique role in the party.

-Who am I?-
From D&D 2nd Ed, to Storyteller and Shadowrun pick your flavor, then go as far out as Cthulutech if you feel so kind. I've been a GM for nearly two decades. The number of systems, settings, modules and generated content I've had my hands on has grown to the point it's easier for me to pull notebooks than it is to list it all. My GM style is described as player choice first and tell the story so the player enjoys it. Not tell a story a player has to enjoy.

I'm a major advocate of the "Rule of Cool" and dynamic style of play that is a living breathing world that the player characters inhabit. One that reacts when choices are made and keeps moving when choices are passed by.
In the end, I as the GM believe it's my job to ensure we all have fun and reach my favorite reward. All of us, sitting in a circle laughing at something amazing.

If you have any questions, please feel free to DM me or please! Come join me, Sundays at 12:30 at Mage's Sanctum!

Note: This is being cross advertised on Facebook, Reddit, and other platforms.

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