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(Updated June 27, 2014) Most of our attendees do not RSVP via Meetups. Attendance is typically 14- 22 per week. Below is our monthly game scheduled with more meetup details. Games are run on the "1st", "2nd" , "3rd" or "4th" Friday of the month. We have found the weekly rotation the best way to keep track of what's running when. We ad-hoc when there is a "5th" Friday. Note that these plans are always subject to change; there is always a chance of cancellation. It is the nature of "open-gaming" there are often impromptu games, unplanned openings, and no shows; so bring your favorite game; you never know. Dropping by to check us out if fine. If your age 17 - 14; a guarding must attend with you, 13 and under are not permitted. Seven PM is normally when we have use of the room, but most groups start a bit later. More details about this meetup fallowing the scheduled.

1st Friday of the month

Comment from the organizer; I think first week could use anther event. We did have a Pathfinder Society game running nicely for awhile. Good week for a new event I think.

• (New)Dresden Files: run by GM Eric. Openings. Best to email the GM first.

• New: Pathfinder: Rise of the Runeloards using the newest published setting. The game will begin in the small coastal town of Sandpoint in the Varisia region of Golarion. GM Marks adds "If you have additional questions, please feel free to submit as many queries as you'd like." Email Mark on: [masked]

• Shadowrun 4th Edition - GM John F. - "Foggy Oasis Breakdown" In game location -CAS mega-city of Garland's Oasis (openings)

2nd Friday of the month

• New Hunter game and new players are welcome. No experience needed, easy to learn system. This game uses the Vampire: The masquerade 20th anniversary system. Unlike in a vampire game where the players take on the role of Vampires, this game actually has the players taking on roles of mortals who hunt and slay said vampires. Currently, I have 2 players, the game could take 1 or 2 more. The game will, hopefully, focus on story and character more than bloodbaths or combatIf you are interested contact Bob at : [masked]

• 7th Sea - GM John G. - "Obligations & Entanglements" (1 opening)but contacting the GM in advance is necessary. Send me an em)

• Pathfinder set in the classic "3rd Edition" Forgotten Realms setting. Players set out as members of start-up adventuring company in The North. GM Ben (Full)

3rd Friday of the month

• NEW: Warhammer Fantasy Role-play. GM Shawn. An experienced game master brings back the classic 2nd Edition system and setting to the RPS. New Players welcome. First session was the 3rd week of June - big thumbs up from participants - so this is a good time to join. "The game is a high fantasy setting (dwarves, elves, magic) with a dark side (impending doom from evil forces) and some bad puns and gallows humor woven into the setting. Combat can be very lethal." Contact Shawn at: [masked] Background on system & setting at: Openings

• D&D Next game being run by DM Chris. Please Email him ([masked]) for character creation info and let him know if you planning to attend; There are openings but 2 players have already committed. The fallowing is provided by the DM: "The world is a desert theme based loosely on the old ADD Al’Qadim setting. No restrictions on race or class. The packet also includes multi-class rules. A summary of the game world will be provided to familiarize players to the setting . We can spend some of the first game rolling up characters or you can use the pregens provided. Characters can either be indigenous to the desert or foreigners looking to make a new start in the Lands of Fate. Openings.

• An impromptu Pathfinder game that has morpfted in a monthly compaign our amazing GM Tom and is continuing. I love it; we had players and Tom took up the challenge with no preparation and the players look like they are having a blast. There are openings. Email the game master direct at: [masked] Openings

• D&D 5th Edition (Next Playtest) run by Ben Forest (me). Downloaded the free draft of the system Wizards site; available to anyone with internet. Figuring it out. I learn better just playing and learning the system and were all working to learn it. The system is fun and simpler that Pathfinder with some hits of 4th Edition. We're liking it so far. Started that game informally (no posts on our list or meet ups) and have Three players being showing so far; we're 2nd level planing in the Forgotten Realms setting. Full Email: [masked]

• D20 Modern - GM Eric - "Welcome to Nokburg" Drop-ins welcome - Enjoy your experience with higher education... and monsters. Hope you survive to graduation! (openings)

4th Friday of the month

• BOARD GAME NIGHT - Bring your favorite board games. Questions email Bob: tal_mae_ra

• Pathfinder - GM Eric - "What is in an illithid what is this I don't even..." The game is full but Eric will generally take drop-in players.

• Traveller - Full GM Ben (me) - Science-fiction adventure in the far future using the updated rerelease of the classic system & setting from Mongoose Games. Players are "special agents" fighting crime and carrying out other tasks. A lot of undercover work. Emphases on roleplaying, story & exploring the Traveller setting. Combat is deadly. Adventures feel a lot like an episode of Firefly. Easy rules. Full The game is limited to a max of 5 players.>

Friday Night open-gaming notes

E-mailing directly to the gamemaster is the most reliable way to confirm an event. Games that I know have "openings" or are "full" I have so marked; unmarked means I don't know.

One of the lessons we have learned over the years is that over-crowded games hurts the fun for everyone. We need more events, so if you feel like running a game, we've got room and I can find players.

Note also that the first Friday of the month is our business meeting as well, usually about 10 minutes, open to guests and members.