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Most of our attendees do not RSVP via Meetups. Attendance is typically 12- 20 per week. Below is our monthly game scheduled; note that these plans are always subject to change; I will do my best to post changes and/or email alerts. Games that I know have "openings" or are "full" I have so marked; unmarked means I don't know.

As of October 2012, many of our games have some openings. This we do have room in the D&D 4th Edition using the Dark Sun setting (4th week) , Shawdowrun (1st week), Pathfinder games on several of our weeks. Not a lot of openings so if your interested I would strongly advise showing up for the game.

One of the lessons we have learned over the years is that over-crowded games hurts the fun for everyone. We need more events, so if you feel like running a game, we've got room and I can find players.

It is wise to email me to confirm availability. Dropping by to check us out if fine. If your age 17 - 14; a guarding must attend with you, 13 and under are not permitted. 7 PM is normally when we have use of the room, some groups start a bit later. Note also that the first Friday of the month is our business meeting as well, usually about 10 minutes, open to guests and members.

Note also; games are run on the "1st", "2nd" , "3rd" or "4th" Friday of the month. We have found the weekly rotation the best way to keep track of what's running when. We ad-hoc when there is a "5th" Friday.

Game scheduled follows:

1st Friday of the month

7th Sea - GM John G. - "Obligations & Entanglements"

Shadowrun 4th Edition - GM John F. - "Foggy Oasis Breakdown" In game location -CAS mega-city of Garland's Oasis (openings)

New: Official Pathfinder Society game starting in the 1st Friday in May. (full but GM may take a drop-ins) 1st through 3rd level.

2nd Friday of the month

D&D 4th Ed - GM John - "Guttering Candles" - (Full)

Pathfinder game starting in March. Forgotten Realms classic edition. Players set out as members of start-up adventuring company in The North. GM Ben (1 opening)

New Savage Worlds game. - GM Joseph (Full)

3rd Friday of the month

New game: Rifts. (full)

D&D 4th Ed Dark Sun - GM Joseph (openings)

Pathfinder - GM Michael - Golarion campaign setting. (openings).

4th Friday of the month

D&D 4th Edition Forgotten Realms - GM Shawn (full)

Pathfinder - GM Eric - "What is in an illithid what is this I don't even..." The game is full but Eric will generally take drop-in players.

Traveller - GM Ben - Science-fiction adventure in the far future using the rerelease of the classic system from Mongoose Games. Players are "special agents" of the Imperial government fighting crime and carrying out other tasks. Emphases on roleplaying, story & exploring. Easy rules. (1 opening) >


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