This month we are pleased to have our very own Arena Mueller talk with us about her Renaissance Neighborhood History Project. Arena will share the goals of the Renaissance Neighborhood History Project such as documenting existing/known histories, researching and uncover unknown histories of the neighborhood’s assets, and to photographing architectural features unique to Renaissance Neighborhood homes. Along the way we will see photos of these unique homes and hear heartwarming (and blood chilling!) stories from times gone by. Finally, we will talk about how anyone, with some time and dedication, can research their own property. We will be meeting in the Demonstration Kitchen. We will allow a few minutes for people to make their food/beverage purchases before we start the presentation. Yes, you may bring your food/bev purchases from MRM into this space.

  • Liberty on Tap April Gathering - VAX News: What you need to know

    FlowerCraft Event Center

    Become VAX informed. Join Liberty on Tap and special guests Karen Cuellar, Casey Macpherson, Megan Sutton, and Donna Dement for an evening of information and inspiration. I would say more, but I don’t want to get censored. This event will be held at the FlowerCraft Event Center! The FlowerCraft Event Center is a brand new multi-purpose facility that many of you will be so happy to see in person! Minors are welcome to attend this event. You can BYOF&B (food and beverage) OR you can order and pick up from Ramsey’s Steak House (located on the South end of The Flower District) and bring it up with you.

  • Liberty on Tap - March Gathering

    Chimi's Mexican Restaurant

    Reflections on Anarchapulco w/ Chet Payne Chet just returned from another experience down in sunny Anarchapulco. He was able to attend some pretty awesome events/speeches and meet some great people. Come hear about it over a Margarita at Chimi's on Cherry Street.

  • Liberty on Tap - December Gathering

    Chimi's Mexican Restaurant

    You know you have at least one idea that would greatly improve our society. Want to test your theory and face judgment by your peers? (The good kind of judgment...the kind that results in PRIZES!) Think "2-minute rant" except instead of ranting, you get to share your fabulous idea with us and get immediate feedback. No parameters: national, state, local, community, personal, etc. I'm sure many great movements began just like this! Thursday, December 6th at 6 pm Please join us in the private dining room for great tex-mex and conversation! Chimi's Mexican Food Tulsa tradition since[masked]th & Peoria Tulsa, OK

  • Liberty on Tap November Gathering

    Chimi's Mexican Restaurant

    Drawing on years of focus and research on this topic, George McFarlin (a.k.a. Tulsa's Radley Balco) will take us on a well-documented, historical journey through this delightful topic: the constant, ever-increasing militarization of police forces across America's municipalities. Won't you join us as we face reality, sip margaritas, and munch on guac. Bring a buddy!

  • Liberty on Tap October Gathering

    Blue Rose Cafe

    For October, we'll meet for socializing and conversing about whatever is important to us...so bring your own topic! We plan on meeting on the patio at the Blue Rose Cafe on Riverside. The weather should be perfect!

  • September Gathering - Open Borders and Immigration

    Open Borders and Immigration Please join us as we discuss immigration policy through the political lens of the Republican and Democratic parties and the potential impacts they may have on individual liberty. We will finish up by talking about the concept of open borders and libertarianism. This should be a lively event at a brand new venue. There will be plenty of great food and drink, so bring your appetite and arguments! Thursday, September 6th at 6 pm We will be on the BACK PATIO. We'll post the food truck line up when that info is available. Fuel 66 carries a wide variety of local craft brews.

  • Liberty on Tap August Gathering


    Which Libertarian Candidate Should be the Next OK Governor? Liberty on Tap is pleased to present to our Tulsa area friends gubernatorial runoff candidates Chris Powell and Rex Lawhorn. We will hear from the candidates through a moderated debate/Q&A-type format in which you will have the opportunity to question the candidates yourself. Stick around after for some eleutheria-centered socializing/networking. WILL THIS BE THE YEAR OF THE LIBERTARIAN GOVERNOR??

  • Liberty on Tap July Gathering

    Albert G's Bar-B-Q

    What does the State Auditor do and why a Libertarian is best for the job. John Yeutter is running for the office of State Auditor and will have some enlightening information to share with us. We will be at Albert G's Bar & Q downtown Tulsa this month in the private dining room. Thursday, July 5th at 6 pm Please join us in the private dining room for BBQ, Beer, and Bourbon (Or iced tea ;) ) ALBERT G's BAR & Q Downtown 421 E 1st St, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74120

  • Liberty on Tap - June Gathering


    We are happy to announce that Kris Gosney with John's Farm will join us in June. Located near Fairview, Oklahoma, John’s Farm produces organic wheat and organic beef, along with a host of other products available under the Fairview’s Best, Cattle Tracks Beef and Gloss Mountain brands. John’s Farm, owned by John and Kris (Ratzlaff) Gosney of Fairview, Oklahoma, produces certified organic beef and wheat. They are stewards of their land – some of which has been in their family for more than 120 years. She will share with us things you never even considered about sustainable agriculture, raising organic grass-fed beef. Having a personal relationship with our farmers creates a greater connection to our food and we become more conscious consumers. You will truly enjoy this presentation and I am sure you will have many questions.