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Come to the east coast's most exclusive political meetup.

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I am a sponsor of this meeting. I personally feel that it is the next step in the evolution of our ability to sway our representation. We have been getting over 500 republicans in the crowd every month. Please show up (business attire), and be respectful of the speakers. Ron Paul is very respectful of everybody, and explains his positions. BUSINESS ATTIRE ONLY. Call me if you have any questions at 646 879 5357. The door is very strict BUSINESS ATTIRE ONLY.

In Liberty
Nick Spanos

Live Speakers

Gov. Scott Walker,
Governor of Wisconsin, on
how we can be conservatives and still win elections

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC),
on a new U.S. foreign policy towards Iran

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI),
on taming the budget and letting you keep your healthcare plan

Daniel Hannan,
UK Representative to the European Parliament, on how the English-speaking people made the modern world

Jim Gilmore,
Former Governor of Virginia and President of the Free Congress Foundation, on what happened in Virginia and how pro-growth policies will help us at the polls

The Panel

Mary Kissel,
Editorial Board Member,
The Wall Street Journal

Tom Bevan,
Founder of RealClearPolitics