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May Day! May Day! Chairman Oliver Claims Republican Party Under Attack!

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May Day, May Day! We've got in coming! Part of the conversation that I had with our esteemed Chairman Lew Oliver, concerned his repeated reference to 'Nick, we're in a war, here.' Again and again he kept reminding me that he was in a foxhole with a rifle and 'he didn't want to worry about the guy next to him not being ready to fight.' I kid you not, this guy thinks that we have to keep our heads down or we'll be a casualty! I tried to remind him that he was not in any real serious danger, but he kept coming back to this analogy again and again. Perhaps Mr. Oliver is suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome;-)

Enough of the fun and games. Chairman Oliver and a lot of other people in OCREC think they can scare us off by calling us a bunch of 'EXTREMISTS', 'ATTACKERS OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY', and here's the big one: 'DISLOYAL'. All this without even talking to one of the 8 people he blackballed from volunteering to do precinct work for the party. Many of us have volunteered for (and served) on several party functions. That doesn't seem good enough for the conspiracy theorists that run the Orange County Republican Party.

They lay awake at night pouring over the Internet looking for every shred of evidence that there is an evil plot afoot to take over their precious party. If only they would look us in the eye and ask us what we believe, they might find us to be not quite so scary! I'll tell you a little secret. Lew Oliver even told me he doesn't support the Iraq war! Said 'They didn't go in with a good exit strategy.' And how about this, 'You're right, the Republican party is supporting way to much government spending.' And here's my favorite, 'People should be left alone to do what ever they want in their own home.' He also quoted a great motto of Abraham Lincoln, something about not pinching another man's purse or penny, can't remember it exactly. Lew, when you read this can you email me that one, it was really good!

Now listen up. We've been trying to encourage everyone to come to the Orange County Republican Party meetings to become part of the political process. And I know that it seems like SOME in the party have rolled up the welcome mat and locked the door. So it doesn't seem to inviting. But as Chairman Oliver put to me, "Nick, we just have a perception that you don't really want to work in the Republican party."

Challenge accepted. If Lew Oliver wants to play the role of George Wallace and stand at the door of the Marks Street Center and make sure none of us 'second class Republicans' make it inside, so be it. I say we come dressed ready for class and see if he's got the cojones to back up his threat!

So I want everyone, and I mean EVERYONE to make plans to come on down and meet our Republican brethren! Let's make a good impression on them. Show them that our Republican credentials are just as good as theirs. It is outrageous that we who want to do our part to defeat our Democratic opponents would be slandered.

Enough. Be there or be squared. Lew Oliver has personally threatened me with expulsion from OCREC if I don't shut up. "It is in our party constitution!' And smearing me personally. We'll see if his bark as as good as his bite!

Nick Egoroff
Orlando Ron Paul Meetup Organizer
Republican Committeeman Precinct 319

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